The Rhythm And The Rhyme

by Boss Caine



released October 16, 2012



all rights reserved


Boss Caine York, UK

“Stunning UK talent!!!….Really something!!!” Bob Harris BBC Radio 2

“a wonderful story teller…a combination of vocal honey and masterful yet understated musicianship….pretty much flawless!” Soundsphere Magazine

"certainly amongst the best of the British takes on American roots music" -

"Great stuff" - Arlo Guthrie

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Track Name: Ghosts and drunks
Ghosts and drunks

Neon blue lit doorway, Friday 4am
One more red eyed cigarette and I’ll hit the road again
There’s rats down in the alley, and the moon for company
But there’s only ghosts and drunks here, ghosts and drunks and me

Got an all night café coffee, from a girl in love with lies
A thousand hard luck stories in her big blue lonesome eyes
Her dreams were always out there, where the sky it meets the sea
But there’s only ghosts and drunks here, ghosts and drunks and me

I’ve kissed mascara rivers, on my way out of the door
Left a trail of broken hearts from here to evermore
And it all adds up to nothing, just as far as I can see
When there’s only ghosts and drunks here, ghosts and drunks and me
There’s no one here but us, the ghosts, the drunks and me
Track Name: A slave to the song
A slave to the song

A scenario’s unfolding right before my very eyes
Of a gentleman unyielding before he’s satisfied
He’s got his mind upon the job, he’s got his eyes fixed on the prize
He’s got his ass out on the road now
He’s not about to be denied
When he knows there’s something out there, it’s just waiting to be found
Even with it’s weight on his shoulders this old world can’t keep him down

He’s a song machine like you’ve never seen
He’s as real as the day is long
And he might be a master of his craft
But he’s still a slave to the song

Well I’ve seen the look in his eyes, sometimes joy, sometimes surprise
At the noises he makes with that guitar when his fingers really fly
You can call it fate or fortune, you can call it what you want to
You can genuinely tell it’s what he was put on this Earth to do


He’s played in bands that were better for it, but that’s not where his heart was at
So he found his own voice, followed his own path, and went wherever he was led by that
There’s been those who’ve tried to change him, but he’s master of his destiny
And he knows just what he’s doing, and he’s never done wrong by me
So I love him like a brother, and though he’s years younger than me
The times I bow down to his wisdom now happen more and more frequently

Track Name: Kind of loving
Kind of Loving

She always calls me sweetheart, she’s my honey pie
Always there by my side trying to keep me satisfied
She always seems to worry but I’m not sure know what about
She’s got the kind of loving I can’t live without

She likes to sleep on the left side, so I lay on the right
Holding her and watching her breathing as she sleeps throughout the night
Times I’m going in circles, like I’m chasing my tail
She puts me back on the right track and puts the wind back into my sails

She spends all my money, she steals all my smokes
She still tells me I’m funny and laughs at all my silly jokes
We know each other back to front now, upside down and inside out
She’s got the kind of loving I can’t live without

She’s the life of the party, I’m the toast of the town
Ever since the day that we met I knew for sure that I’d always want her around
I’ve made my mistakes, well I’m just a man
But even if she isn’t listening to me I know that she understands


So I’m here up on the rooftops, clinging to chimney pots, screaming until my face turns blue that she’s got the kind of loving I need life without it just wouldn’t do
Track Name: Me and Lionel Richie
Me and Lionel Ritchie

Since you said what you said you’re so much less appealing
I was up with Lionel dancing on the ceiling
When you floored me with that phrase you coined
We were doing fine, yeah we had possibilities
Then you said what you said and now you’ve got me ill at ease
You floored me with that phrase you coined

Oh honey I wish you could’ve kept those words inside
That’s my cue to leave now girl goodbye

The night air was still, not a hint of a breeze
At an all-night party on a balcony
We were kissing in the moonlight, like black and white movie stars
I guess it could be said we just got caught up in the moment
If I’m guilty of a greater sin then come atonement
I’ll pay the price, of telling love lies

Oh honey I wish I could’ve kept those words inside
That’s my cue to leave now, girl, goodbye
You’ve been waiting on someone, you were thinking i could be that guy
I’d take a chance on you girl but the stakes are too high

We could’ve talked and danced and kissed and laughed
But this is one conversation you don’t want to have with me
I think it’s best if I just go
If only all these words had come out of my mouth then
We wouldn’t be in the situation that we’re in now
And sorry just won’t cut it, girl I know

If only I could ever get the right words out
Maybe you’d understand what I’m all about
I’ve been waiting on someone, and there’s a chance it could be you
But the stakes are so high girl, what if we lose?

But what if we win? And what have we got to lose?
Nothing ever seems to change here but the shoes
Am I just grasping for an alibi?
My heart is beating faster as I turn to you
I can’t think straight, I’m so damned confused
I’m shaking like a leaf and I think that I know why

And then you go and spoil it all
By saying something stupid like I love you

Since you said what you said you are even more appealing
Me and Lionel Ritchie are dancing on the ceiling
I love you girl, but you floored me with that phrase you coined
Track Name: Daisy chains
Daisy chains

It’s been a long time coming around, you and me out for fun
I should’ve known better, should’ve anticipated everything coming undone
But love is blind, and so am I, I’m stupid as the day is long
For thinking anything I said tonight wouldn’t be wrong

Is that the kettle boiling? A coffee would be just grand
Must you really go to work today? Could we not make alternative plans?
I’ve been wasted for weeks now, I just can't find my way home
Maybe I’m better off stoned and on my own

Is it Monday? Or is it Tuesday?
These days weekends seem to last so long
But it doesn’t really matter when it’s just like you say
Just another day, and just another song
There ain’t nothing out there I can find to mend this broken heart
And I really didn’t want you to watch me as I fall apart,
But I don’t know where I’m going to, I’m not sure I should be alone
When the company I wish to escape from is my own

I hope that I didn’t put on you, I didn’t mean to bring you down
You know that you could always call on me if the table ever turns around
The one we drank each other under once again
Singing along to Emmylou and making daisy chains
Track Name: The ballad of Left Hand Luke and Eleanor Louise
The Ballad of Left Hand Luke and Eleanor Louise

Left hand Luke and Eleanor Louise came drifting through like a summers breeze
They left us all down on our knees, but they said
Next time round they’ll be marching to a different beat and they’d have us all up on our feet
They said there’d be dancing in the street
And the dancing, well it would go on until dawn
And Eleanor Louise and Luke would still be going strong
She was happy in his arms for as long as he’d take the lead
And he was happy romancing her and dancing ‘til his feet bleed

Old Luke he had a way with words and a timeless melody, he kept them hidden up his sleeve
But he’d sing them for you if you asked him to
Each one song he sang would be a song you’d never forget
They all took their place in your head
And there they would stay and play out every day
Each song would nuzzle it’s way down into your heart
Like pieces of a puzzle you’d been missing right from the start
And each melody would haunt you until your dying day
And give you some hope to hold onto when nothing seems to go your way

Eleanor Louise, could do just as she pleased, but it pleased her to be there by old Luke’s side
And Luke he tried his best to treat her right, even when he was high as a kite,
He’d always hold ber close but never too tight
And when he held her she knew she was exactly where she wanted to be
And there was nothing she cared for more than his company
Each morning when he woke he would say ‘Eleanor Lou,
there’s nothing in this world that I love right now more than I love you’

Sometimes Luke struggled to keep himself upright, he blamed it on his shoes being too damn tight
And he’d always deny the whiskey was to blame
There’d be days he’d be too wasted to remember his own name, and all of the streets looked the same
So they’d sleep where they dropped when the drinking stopped
But sometimes the drinking it would go on for days
And Eleanor Louise had grown accustomed to his ways
She’d just sit there smiling sweetly while he played, that old guitar
And hold him in her arms when he was sleeping while she sat and prayed he’d live to see the next bar
Track Name: A box to put me in
A box to put me in

Strike a match and shield your eyes, see beyond all there is to see
Then cast them upwards to the skies, and you’ll see where I long to be
You tantalize with tales of dreams, and contemplate what they might mean
But you can’t disguise or disregard, those dreams just don’t come true here where we are
Even when you wish upon a star

Make a list of all that’s lost, all that’s edges now are frayed
Try to calculate the cost, of all the love now gone astray
Some things are priceless from the start, and when they’re broke can’t be replaced
Some folks are born so very pure of heart, but purity, well that just goes to waste
Just disappears without a trace

When all your faith has been in vain, and everything you know can’t be unlearned
I’ll bind all my foolish words of hope together, set alight to them, stand back and watch them burn
When there’s no way back to the past, and no effective medicine
I’ll turn my hand to carpentry, build something that will last, and nevermore shall I want for again
Nothing more shall I want for again

Sour grapes and bitter sweethearts, another needle filled with sin
If our love is gone forever, build a box to put me in
And lower me on down, slowly down into the ground
Forsaking all that may yet lie in store
So this heartache won’t torment me anymore
That is now all I’m longing for.
Track Name: The rhythm and the rhyme
The Rhythm And The Rhyme

So you like what you see, and you think I’ve got what you need
Well that doesn’t mean you’re free, free to take it from me
But you could expect me to follow if you took the lead, take the lead
Despite what you think, I’m not just about the crash and the burn
But stick around and maybe, baby we’ll get our turn
So you can buy me a drink
But there’s no guarantee I’ll be company in return, you will learn

I live it up just for something to do
Honey I’m just wasting my time
I’d give it up, give it all up for you
All but the rhythm and the rhyme

Just a slave to the song, so I sing the praises of faces that bring them along
At the mercy of the ways that will raise me back up when they’re gone, when they’re gone


And I would trade places so gladly with you, even just for one night
But just ‘cause you want it so badly, well that doesn’t make it alright
It doesn’t make it alright

So line them on up, line them up just to knock down
Whether you have or have not got a sorrow to drown
Then it’s back to the bar with your cup, fill it up, get another round, knock it down

Track Name: Truckstop Jukebox
Truckstop jukebox

Seventeen years old in my favourite record store, trying to find me something that I’d never heard before,
Flicking through the sleeves of all those dusty old LP’s until I found your eyes staring back at me

Left leg across your right knee, one hand raised to your chin, cowboy hat resting on the back of the chair you’re sitting in
Eyes that look right through me, seem to reach into my soul, like I’d known you from days of old

On a jukebox in a roadhouse on a highway in the sky
Your voice will be the first I hear if I make it when I die
If I don’t indulge too much in those cities filled with sin
When I reach the gates old Pete will let me in
And you can be my grievous angel once again
Be my grievous angel once again

I lifted up the arm, dropped that trusty needle down and following the crackle came your cosmic country sound
As you swept out the ashes of a heart that burned so blue, right then and there I fell in love with you


I headed to the pawn shop and bought me a guitar, I played it to the midnight moon whilst singing at the stars
It took me ten long years to write this song, even longer now since you’ve been gone, and I’m singing this one for you now from afar

He sure could sing
Track Name: Not enough to try
Not enough to try

You went to the cupboard but the cupboard was bare
It was plentiful once but now there’s nothing there
Working harder than ever before
Don’t ask for much, don’t want much more
Only want what you’re entitled to
For all the hours hard work that you do
The work you do to get you by
These days, it’s not enough to try

They take and take and then they take some more
Then like a friend come knocking on your door
But only to take away things you own
To feed their greed they’ll pick your bones
There’s just no way you can trust the man
He’ll stick it to you any way he can
Behind your back he’ll bleed you dry
These days, it’s just not enough to try

You kiss goodbye to all your hopes and dreams
Forget who you are and what it means
To feel at peace with the world, your mind at ease
Spent too damn long down on your knees
There’s just no way to make ends meet
When they’ve got you where they want you, got you in defeat
Your head in your hands you begin to cry
These days, it’s just not enough to try

There’s nobody coming to save the day
No bright future in sight further down the way
No change to the way that things are now
No answers to your questions, no one mopping your brow
But when you’ve got hungry mouths to feed
There’s no other choice but to succeed
You must stand up and testify that
In times of hardship all you can do is try

You keep the faith when that’s all you have
And share it with the ones you love
To give them strength when they’re feeling weak
And you learn to turn the other cheek
You can still stand tall and proud with your head held high
And know that you did your best til the day you die
You’ve got to learn to crawl to walk long before you can fly
And you won’t get off your knees, you’ll never get off your knees unless you got to try

Help a brother, help a sister out
Help a brother, help a sister, don’t you let them go without